Report of Business Meeting of 10th ACOS

Summary Report of the Business Meeting of 10th ACOS

Seoul, Korea on Jun 14 (Thu), 2012 16:00-18:00

COEX Convention Center & Exhibition Center 3F, Room 1
(The VIDEO of the opening ceremony of 9th ACOS with some printed papers were handed out)

All attending councilors introduced themselves.

Welcome address

  1. ACOS president: Shigetoyo Saji
  2. Honorary president: Tetsuo Taguchi and Yan Sun 
  3. Conference President: Kyung Sam Cho Chairman, Organizing committee of ACOS 2012: Yeul Hong Kim


(Election of the Co-chairmen of the meeting: Secretary General, Kazuhiro Yoshida)

1. Approve the summary of 9th ACOS 2010 Business meeting

All summary was approved without any revised sentence

2.Election of the next ACOS President

Prof. Tsang-Wu Liu(Taiwan) recommended Shigetoyo Saji (Japan) as the next ACOS president and he was elected.

3. Approve the new council members

1) New council members

Dinesh Chandra Doval (India)
Kodaganur S. Gopinath (India)
Leslie Dolfo Nugroho (Indonesia)
Prakash Raj Neupane (Nepal)
Bijesh Raji Ghimire (Nepal)
They were recommended after the 9th ACOS, and then approved at this business meeting by all attending councilors.

2) Recommendation from Shahida Alam, Bangladesh

Syed Md Akram Hussain (Bangladesh)

3) Recommendation from Tsang-Wu Liu, Taiwan (next ACOS delegation)

Li-Tzong Chen(Taiwan)
Cheng-Kuei Chang(Taiwan)
Tsang-Pai Liu(Taiwan)
They were recommended just before the 10th ACOS. Secretaries handed out their CV to the councilors.

4) On time rcommendation

Recommendation from Yogendra SINGH, Nepal
Kapendra Shekhar Amatya (Nepal)
Robin Joshi (Nepal)
Prasan Bir Singh Kansakar (Nepal)

Recommendation from Kazuhiro Yoshida, Japan

Yasuhiro Kodera (Japan)
They were recommended as a new councilor at this meeting. The councilors took a look at the CV from Nepal. However, there are a couple of questions and comments about the appropriate number of councilors from each participant countries.

4. New member country and their councilor

Councilor: Mukhtar Tuleutayev
Kazakhstan will join as a member of new country and Mukhtar Tuleutayev was approved as a councilor.

5. Approve the next conference president and venue (11th ACOS 2014)

Conference President Tsang-Wu Liu
Venue: Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Date: May 2 to May 4, 2014
Main theme:
"New Frontiers of Cancer Therapy -challenges for oncologist in Asia"
Conference President Tsang-Wu Liu was approved as the next conference president. He announced about the11th ACOS and introduced about the location of Taipei, using video.

6. Election and approve the 12th and 13th ACOS Conference countries.

12th New Delhi, India, 2016
13th Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2018

India wanted to be nominated as the 12th ACOS Conference. They had already shown their will at the 9th ACOS Gifu Japan.
Nepal had run for the 12th ACOS Conference at Gifu, but they generously accepted India would be the next one and took the supporting side.
Therefore, India was selected as the next delegation of the12th ACOS.
Concerning the 13th ACOS, Thailand wanted to be nominated as the delegation of 13th ACOS Conference, but they need to make sure their will by the next business meeting.

7. Constitution items to be revised

  1. Membership and member's fee
    Every councilor has to pay 100-200$ every year (or at conference year)
    P.S.: President Saji proposed to create the new budget system but we didn't have enough time to reach the result. Comments from council members are below;
    1. Doctors are already members of other many societies and have to pay its membership fee,
    2. The pharmaceutical industry can support at once is limited.
    3. ACOS should make its application system (It was already described on the ACOS Constitution article no.5) to tell that; for example, the councilor has to pay $100 or 200$ every year as membership fee, then needs to pay some amount of the money for registration at the each conference.
    4. ACOS should publish its journal and sell to make some money. etc.
  2. Location and country of the ACO. office
    Gifu, Japan was nominated and decided as temporary office (at least till next the 11th ACOS, 2014 )
    Until the next business meeting, it will be located in Japan temporarily and we have to discuss about this in Taipei and decide where the main office should be located, whether it's for temporary or permanent, and whether it depends on who the president is or not. Also, some kinds of local branch office may be necessary at the individual participant countries.
  3. Minor changes of the Organizing committee:
    1. Selection of Executive council members
    2. Meritorious council (for alumni or retired, over 75)
    3. To recruit more young councilors
    4. Final member list for ACOS Organizing committee
    As the final decision of the revised Constitution, including organizing committee is indicated on the list of Organizing Committee.
  4. Home page and Office
    Home page:
    Office: c/o Department of Surgical Oncology, Gifu University Graduate
    School of Medicine, Gifu Japan. 1-1 Yanagido, Gifu 501-1194, Japan
    Secretariat : Aki Iwata, Kumi Mori
    Tel: +81-58-230-6231 Fax: +81-58-230-6236

8. Others (recent issues to be performed)

  1. ACOS home page
  2. Budget for ACOS by financial support from cancer related companies or private members
    (The budget will be necessary for maintenance of Home Page, Newsletter,
    UICC membership fee, Educational meeting, etc)
    ACOS has to have its budget system.
    Some ideas were discussed;
    1. 10% of the membership fee should be granted to the administrative office.
    2. 10% of the membership fee or registration fee should be granted to the host country of the each conference. But it is difficult to make those happen because the host country actually has to operate the conference at a loss and there cannot be any surplus.
    3. Educational meeting for cancer specialist or Joint meeting among some developing or small countries. This is very important program for the ACOS activity
    4. Clinical practice guide line for Asian cancer patients like a NCCN
    5. Clinical trial among Asian countries

    Concerning 4) and 5), we have to discuss with the Federation of Asia Clinical Oncology (newly organized with Japan Korea and China.)

List of attending Councilors

Bangladesh (1) Sunil Kumar Sikder
China (3) Yan Sun, Yi-Long Wu, Yuan-Kai Shi
India (2) Sanjeev Misra, Thangarajan Rajkumar
Japan (7) Hideo Baba, Hideyuki Akaza, Hironobu Nakamura, Kazuhiro Yoshida,
Shigetoyo Saji, Tetsuo Taguchi, Yuko Kitagawa
Korea (5) Jinsil Seong, Jong-Ho Won, Kyung Sam Cho, Woo Yong Lee, Yeul Hong Kim
Malaysia (1) Hwee Ming Cheng
Nepal (4) Prabhu Raji Vaidya, Sudip Shrestha, Yogendra Singh, Bijesh Raji Ghimire
Pakistan (1) Naeem Naqi
Philippines (3) Antonio H. Villalon, Gloria Cristal-Luna, Gracieux Fernando
Singapore (2) John Wong Eu-Li, Kei-Siong Khoo
Taiwan (2) Biing-Shiun Huang, Tsang-Wu Liu
Thailand (2) Kannika Phrnphutkul, Sumitra Thongprasert
Viet Nam (1) Dang Huy Quoc Thinh