Report of Business Meeting on 9th ACOS

Summary Report of Business meeting on 9th ACOS 2010, Gifu

Data : August 24 (Tuesday), 16:00 - 17:45, Gifu Grand Hotel, Room 8 (Lumiere)
Participants : ASCO President, Yan Sun, et al, total 41 councilors
(with VIDEO of Opening ceremony and reprinted paper)

1. Welcome address

  1. ACOS president: Yan SUN
  2. Honorary president: Tetsuo Taguchi
  3. Congress President: Shigetoyo SAJI

Chairperson : President Yan SUN (According to the role of ACOS constitutions)

2. Agenda

1.Election of the next ACOS President

Shigetoyo SAJI (Japan) was selected as next ACOS president

Agreement of new council members

All nominated new councilors were gotten the agreement from all members to be attended this business meeting (Table 3)

3.Agreement of new country

Sri Lanka will join as a member of new country

4.Recommendation of new council members (five doctors) (Table 3)

  1. Recommendation from Yan SUN Kazuhiro Yoshida (current secretary general of 9th ACOS), Gifu Japan
  2. Recommendation from Sanjeev Misra, India Dinesh Chandra Doval and Kodaganur S. GOPINATH
  3. Recommendation from Sudip Shrestha, Nepal Prakash Raj Neupane and Bijesh Raji Ghimire

5.Preparation for the 10th ACOS Conference

Korean delegation : Congress President Kyung Sam Cho, Seoul Korea
(Instead of Kyung San Cho, Yeul Hong Kim announced about 10th ACOS and introduced about location of Seoul, report of 6th ACOS,etc using slide and Video)
Venue : Lotte Hotel in Seoul, Korea
Data: June 13,14,15, 2012
Main theme: Working Together, Making a Difference to Cancer Therapy in Asia

6.Preparation for the 11th ACOS Conference

Taiwan, India, Nepal, Indonesia strongly want to nominate as the 11th ACOS.
After then, in this business meeting made a decision of the country and venue of only 11th ACOS.
Concerning 12th, 13th ACOS will be decided on next business meeting at Seoul.
Therefore, Taiwan was selected as the next delegation of 11th ACOS, because of Taiwan already had shown their will at 8th ACOS in Manila, Philippine.
P.S. For development or small countries, educational meeting such as ASCO GI or Joint meeting style with a couple of countries will be suggested

7.The ACOS Constitution (Table 2)

  1. Membership, Member's fee(100$ per year), Congress executive office (temporary or permanent)
  2. Reform the new organizing committee: Honorary President (for late ACOS president), Honorary council (for late congress president), Meritorious council (for old boy or retired, over 75), Secretary councils (3 or 4 members), necessary to recruit more young councilors, etc).
  3. Revised ACOS constitution: Prof. Antonio H. Villalon has been checked all of them (?) from 8th ACOS in Philippine and will propose a new revised one. However in this 9th ACOS, final results were unable to reach due to time limitation of this business meeting).

(New ACOS president Shigetoyo Saji will summarize these problems and will inform to all council members by e-mail at near future. Early response of this will be greatly appreciated)

8.Commemorative book "Recent Advances of Cancer in Asian Countries"

In this 9th ACOS, only nine manuscripts out of seventeen countries were obtained before the end of dead line of publication. Therefore, this book will be re-published as a revised edition at every another year (at the each ACOS) .

9.Kobayashi Foundation Award

Course and selection results of 9th ACOS was presented by Congress president SAJI, and Honorary president Taguchi talked about the future perspectives of this award. After that, Prof. Han-Kwang Yang from Korea asked the selection policy, it will be possible to extend the fields, not only chemotherapy but also surgical therapy, etc.

10.Young Investigator's Award (YIA)

Secretary General Kazuhiro Yoshida presented the course and selection results of YIA.

3. Other issue

  1. The use of NCCN Guideline in Asia-Pacific Region: President Yan Sun presented about this guideline using slide. But there was no discussion, due to time limitation.
  2. Discussion of the cooperation in Asia-Pacific region, such as launching regional cancer clinical trial and etc. President Yan Sun introduced about this clinical trial using slide.
  3. Short remarks from 11th ACOS congress president. Prof. Jacqueline Whang-Peng presented about 11th ACOS in Taipei, Taiwan and Prof. Tsang-Wu Liu followed more detailed information using slide and Video.
  4. Introduction about 9th ACOS congress program and out line of council member's official schedule: 9th ACOS Secretary General Kazuhiro Yoshida introduce very briefly.

Before closing, honorary president Tetsuo Taguchi strongly recommended that the former president Yan Sun will be Honorary president of ACOS, then all councilors agreed with his honorable price to him. The cerebration will be performed at the closing ceremony on Aug. 27.

Attended councilors

Yan SUN, Tetsuo Taguchi, Shigetoyo Saji, Hironobu Nakamura, Antonio H Villalon, Yuan-Kai Shi, Thangarajan Rajkumar, Lalit Kumar, Rainy Umbas, Daldiyono Hardjodisastro, Soehartati Gondhowiardjo, Hideyuki Akaza, Yeul Hong Kim, Han-Kwang Yang, Jinsil Seong, Jong-Ho Won, Woo Yong Lee, Anjani Kumar Sharma, Sudip Shrestha, Yogendra P Singh, Prabhu Raji Vaidya, Colonel Naeem Naqi, Gloria Cristal-Luna, John Wong Eu-Li, Jacqueline Whang-Peng, Biing-Shiun Huang, Tsang-Wu Liu, Kannika Phornphutkul, Dang Huy Quoc Thinh and Kazuhiro Yoshida, total 30 participants.

Business meeting President Yan SUN's presentation about ACOS
Business meeting President Yan SUN's presentation about ACOS
business meeting business meeting