4th KFA -Second Announcement-

Dear ACOS council members,

Concerning the application for the 4th Kobayashi Foundation Award, the deadline is becoming very closely (on October 31, 2015), however still now we have no application letters or forms.

Therefore, today I would like to inform you of some new categories about application form and new deadline of application period, as follows;

1. Even the commended countries in the past, any researchers will be able to apply without specific rule form this for 4th Kobayashi Foundation Award.

2. Regarding the award ceremony, the ceremony of the 4th Kobayashi Foundation Award will be held at Tokyo in June 2016; however, if the winner will be unable to attend and to present his and/or her research study or health care activity, he and/or she have to submit the paper of above study to the foundation journal of "Promising Vistas in Cancer Research" which will be published in autumn, 2016.

3. The application deadline will be extended to the end of November, 2015.

Therefore, please check again the First Announcement of the 4th Kobayashi Foundation Award and we strongly hope that you will recommend some appropriate candidates from the cancer researchers (Part 1) or the health care professionals or medical teams (Part 2) in your country.

Any advice and suggestion concerning this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

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ACOS President: Shigetoyo SAJI