11th ACOS ; Taipei International Convention Center, Taiwan,

Program of 11th ACOS 2014
The 11th ACOS meeting will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, 2014

  • Upon the foundation laid down by organizers of previous ACOS international conferences, the topics of the 11th ACOS international conference will :
    - Encompass as much cancer types as well as subspecialties in oncology as possible
    - Emphasize on multidisciplinary approach of cancer care and new development from translational research.
  • We will also organize one 2-day workshop and 1-day satellite symposium for young oncologists from asian countries before the commencement of the formal conference. The 2-day workshop will be a training course for clinical investigator.
  • The 1-day symposium will follow the theme set by Prof. Saji to invite young oncologist to present the advance and problems need to solve in each country.

Welcome Reception